12 Months of Romance

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01 RingOutTheOld300x200Ring Out the Old (January) – New Year’s Day and a new start Jen didn’t want to make.

So far, Jen Prescott has been able to manage her life, balancing three kids, a job and chronic illness. Midnight trips to the emergency room are nothing new, but this time, it’s one of her daughters who is ill. If ever she needed her husband, it’s now. But David has had enough of sickness and announced his intention to move as far away as he can get.

Jen must start over somehow; finding a new home, finding the strength to build a new life for her children. The bungalow behind Billy Easton’s house seems like a good beginning, but Jen has no idea that Billy is hiding his own pain or that her arrival will force him to face that pain.

02 MyLonelyHeart300x200

My Lonely Heart (February) – It’s Valentine’s Day and Holly is alone again. Darren is away on business as usual and Holly doesn’t know how she’s going to get through the day. But with some sage advice from the rehab center’s favorite patient, 85 year-old Mary, Holly just might find the strength to save her marriage.

03 MarchMadness300x200

March Madness (March) – It’s St. Patrick’s Day, the one day of the year when everyone wants to be Irish. Even Angie Sorelli. But what Angie really wants is to meet her new neighbor, red-haired Irishman Brian O’Malley. Too bad Brian’s best friend, darkly handsome Tommy Roventi, sees Angie first.



04 AprilShowers300x200

April Showers (April) – April Winters may be older but she’s tired of coming in second to her beautiful young sister. When she decides to chop off her hair in protest, she gets more than she bargained for. Not one, not two, but three men pursuing her. For once, she wishes they’d seen her sister first so she wouldn’t have to choose.



05 MayFlowers300x200

May Flowers (May) – All her life, May knew that her older sister resented her beauty, but now that April has found the love of her life, they’ve grown much closer. All May wants to do now is help April plan her wedding and devote herself to her career. But fate has other plans for her as an unlikely friendship turns into a love that she hadn’t foreseen.



06 JuneBridesmaid300x200

The June Bridesmaid (June – sequel to March Madness)

Betty has never cared about her appearance. Why should she bother when men were always throwing themselves at her anyway? But not Brian O’Malley. He has eyes only for Betty’s friend, Angie, or so he would lead her to believe. Just when she decides to change her look, goaded into it by Brian’s insulting comments, he flies off to Ireland for an indefinite stay.

Betty’s plans for seduction (or revenge) have to be put on hold until Brian returns for his best friend’s wedding. But when Brian finally shows up at the rehearsal, Betty finds her own game turned against her by the handsome, brooding Irishman.

07 Fireworks300x200Fireworks (July – sequel to April Showers and May Flowers)

Every year, Connie takes two weeks off from work, hoping to find adventure or at least something she’s good at. She’s tried skiing, she’s tried sailboarding, she’s even tried white-water rafting and all she’s succeeded in doing was making a fool of herself. Now she hopes she’ll find what she’s been looking for at the dude ranch. But when she gets off the plane, she finds the man who’s been stalking her at home is headed for the same ranch.

Barry was just as shocked to see Connie as she was to see him. In fact, he was hoping this trip would help him forget that the woman he loved couldn’t stand the sight of him. Now she was here, at the ranch he’d called his second home since he was a kid, breaking his heart all over again.

08 DogDaysofAugust300x200 Dog Days of August (August) – All Jan wants to do is get her mother a puppy to help her get over her grief at the loss of her husband, Jan’s father. But when she gets to the shelter to pick up the girl puppy she had her heart set on, Kevin, a freak with a Mohawk and earring, is getting ready to walk away with her dog.

Jan is still fuming when she gets to work the next morning, and it doesn’t help that she’s expected to train a new employee; the very same freak who stole her dog.

09 IndianSummer300x200Indian Summer (September) – Summer Malone nearly died when she was twelve-years old and since then, she’s felt driven to prove herself. No way is she going to waste the second chance she was given as a child. She works hard and she plays hard. Hiking, kayaking, riding her dirt bike, pushing herself to her physical limits and beyond. When she runs her dirt bike into a tree, it’s Buck Harper to the rescue.

Buck has never forgotten the little girl he’d carried down the mountain to the rescue chopper some twenty-five years before. And, as a juvenile criminal defense attorney, he’s been rescuing kids ever since. When a crazy woman comes charging up the trail on her dirt bike and skids into a tree right in front of him, he goes into rescue mode once again. Only this time, it’s not a sweet, young girl, but a bossy, arrogant woman who definitely does not want his help.

10 RavensWitch300x200Raven’s Witch (October) – Rowena comes from a long line of witches reaching back some two hundred years. So, she wants to know, why is it that her lotions separate, her potions harden and she can’t even cast a simple little love spell? Enter Allan, a raven that Rowena is sure is destined to be her familiar. But when the raven turns into an all too human man, Rowena knows she has failed once again.

Man or familiar, Allan soon realizes it is up to him to rescue Rowena from the two hundred year old legend that keeps her spellbound.

11 ThanksgivingPast300x200 Thanksgiving Past, Thanksgiving Present (November) – It was Thanksgiving that Eleanor met her husband, Thanksgiving when they were married, and Thanksgiving when he died and she ran away. Now it’s Thanksgiving again and Eleanor has finally come home to face her grief and the friends she left behind.

But there are new friends awaiting Eleanor, friends that will force her to accept her loss, friends who just might make her want to live again.

12 SantanaIsComingToTown300x200 Santana is Coming to Town (December) – Santana Oliva’s favorite holiday is Christmas and this is the first Christmas she’s been home in three years. But her joy at being home turns into shock and fear when she faces the near loss of her family.

As the Olivas work together to reclaim their lives, Santana realizes that, if she wants it badly enough, the spirit of Christmas just might bring her the greatest gift she’s ever received.


Twelve Months of Romance Boxed Sets


BundleOne300x200Twelve Months of Romance Book 1
(January, February, March, April)

Ring Out the Old – New Year’s Day and a new start Jen didn’t want to make
My Lonely Heart – A Valentine’s Day surprise Holly wasn’t expecting
March Madness – You don’t have to be Irish to fall in love on St. Paddy’s Day
April Showers – April cut her hair to change her life, but this is too much

BundleTwo300x200 Twelve Months of Romance Book 2
(May, June, July, August)

May Flowers – An unlikely friendship that turns into an unpredictable love
The June Bridesmaid – Betty’s plans for seduction (or revenge) have to be put on hold
Fireworks – It’s time for Connie to set off some fireworks of her own
Dog Days of August – All Jan wants is a puppy for her mother, not the love of her life

BundleThree300x200 Twelve Months of Romance Book 3
(September, October, November, December)

Indian Summer – Summer doesn’t need a man in her life until she runs into a tree
Raven’s Witch – If there’s one thing a failed witch has to have, it’s a familiar
Thanksgiving Past, Thanksgiving Present -Eleanor returns home in an attempt to face her past
Santana is Coming to Town -Santana loves Christmas and she hopes this will be the best ever