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Zodiac Bundles Earth WebsiteThe Earth Signs – Tori (Taurus), Virginia (Virgo), and Cappy (Capricorn)

Tori (Taurus)

Tori Bullen loves her job as a financial adviser and she’s really very good at it. The only fly in her personal ointment is her extreme clumsiness. What then, is she to do with Carter Hendricks who loves the fine crystal, delicate art glass, and beautifully shaped silver pieces that he sells in his store when he decides to pursue her?

Virginia (Virgo)

All her life, Virginia liked things neat and orderly. She takes excellent care of her home and herself. It was only natural, then, that she should become a nutritional counselor, teaching others how to live healthy lives. When Sam Houston walks into her office, Virginia sees a thirty-five year old man who looks much older, a man who is struggling to raise three little girls on his own and is worn out by the stress. Virginia is determined to save this man and his daughters, but it looks the Houston family might be saving her instead.

Cappy (Capricorn)

Cappy Capretta lived her life around Stockman’s Furniture and her dreams of someday having her own branch to manage. Although she handled Stockman’s customers with courteous efficiency, she only knew them by the pieces of furniture they bought.

Brant Dalton was just another customer with a problem for Cappy to solve. When he showed up at the store a few days later to thank her for her help, she found to her shock that, when she looked into those smoky, gray eyes, here was one man she couldn’t turn into a recliner or a pair of end tables.

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Zodiac Bundles Water Website The Water Signs – Cancey (Cancer), Schuyler (Scorpio), and Pixie (Pisces)

Cancey (Cancer)

Cancey Cangrejo has a habit of jumping from job to job until she finally lands her dream job. Flight attendant. But on her first day, she meets Marco, the dashing Latin who works business class and has a reputation for acquiring lovely ladies. Cancey falls hard, but she knows she doesn’t stand a chance with a man who dates gorgeous supermodels and high-powered business women.

But her good buddy, George Campion, big brother to all women, steps in to help Cancey attract Marco. The trouble is, after taking her for a makeover and spending the day with her, George wants Cancey for himself.

Schuyler (Scorpio)

Dr. Schuyler Scorponi, surgeon, researcher, recluse. Schuyler has never had much to do with people in general and men in particular. All she has is her work and she’s convinced herself that’s all she needs in her life. But she’s about to meet a different kind of man. One who finds a way to break down her walls bit-by-bit.

It’s the excellence of her work that brings Schuyler to the attention of Dr. Cameron Jones, new chief of surgery at Midlands General. By the time he finishes offering Schuyler a job as his assistant, her cold responses have him regretting his offer. But then he mentions the new lab and Schuyler comes alive, showing Cam a side of her he finds all too attractive.

Pixie (Pisces)

Pixie is just about as big as her name implies, but that doesn’t stop her from doing whatever she wants to do. Like being in tune with the universe, finding lost rings, talking to spirits (although that was a special occasion). Now, she has to use all her psychic powers to save the grandson of that spirit from being killed.

Alan Maddin is a firefighter and a paramedic and he definitely does not believe that Pixie can tune into the universe. He doesn’t even know what that means. But his mother insists on seeing Pixie because Sandy’s dead mother came to warn her that Alan was going to die during a big fire. Sandy wants Pixie to convince Alan that he’s in very real danger. But the only real danger as far as Alan can see, is getting involved with the petite psychic who has developed a habit of fainting in his arms.

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Zodiac Bundles Air Website The Air Signs – Gina and Gemma (Gemini), Libby (Libra), and Aquaria (Aquarius)

Gina and Gemma (Gemini)

Gina and Gemma Twining, twins that couldn’t be more dissimilar, or maybe they’re just two sides of the same coin. Gina is the writer, determined to write gritty novels, revealing the seamy underside of mankind. Gemma is an artist, determined to paint the world in soft pastels seen through rose-colored glasses.

The sisters are vacationing in London when Gemma meets the man of her dreams. Suspicious by nature and wanting to protect her naïve sister, Gina pulls the old twin switch. But pretending to be Gemma and checking out the love of her sister’s life proves to be dangerous for Gina’s heart as well. Which twin will win this perfect Brit?

Libby (Libra)

Libby Balanca spends her days negotiating divorce settlements and the last thing she wants to do is negotiate between her two best friends. Krystal and Ana have been fighting over everything for the past year. The latest fight is over hot divorce lawyer, Dan Steadman.

Dan spends his days protecting women dumped by their husbands after twenty or thirty years of marriage and he’s determined not to turn into one of those scumbags. He avoids marriage by playing the field but now he’s dating Libby’s two friends, Krystal and Ana. That he can handle. What he can’t handle is his feelings for Libby, and if he doesn’t find a way to break off with Krystal and Ana without breaking their hearts, he’ll lose Libby forever.

Aquaria (Aquarius)

Aquaria, conceptual artist (although she’d created nothing), free spirit (although she likes the life provided by her fishing captain father), a woman who wants to get as far away from fish and fishermen as she can. But until she can wheedle the money out of her father, she’s stuck in the tiny seaport town she’d grown up in.

Javier, Javy to his friends and family, loves the sea, and as a third generation fisherman, has no intention of giving up the life he was born for. But when he meets Aquaria, nearly running her down in the dark with his bike, he’s soon faced with a choice that could tear him apart; his love or his life.

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Zodiac Bundles Fire Website The Fire Signs – Ariel (Aries), Leah (Leo), and Sage (Sagittarius)

Ariel (Aries)

Ariel Ramson has everything it takes to compete in the world of NASCAR. Courage, ambition, an adventurous spirit, not afraid to take chances, except with her heart.

Kent Landon has been following Ariel through the Internet, watching videos of her races and interviews, searching out images, and, to his disgust, acting like a teenager with a crush. Now that she’s racing at his track, he’s sure he’ll be able to get the tempting little gypsy out of his system. A red-hot weekend with Ariel to scratch that itch, and he’ll be able to get on with his plans to find a suitable wife. But Ariel’s competitive heart, not to mention his own, may be too tough for him to handle.

Leah (Leo) –

Leah Leonidas loves public relations. She eats, breathes, lives image with a capital I and she’s just gotten the assignment of her life. Cleaning up the image of the Pirate King, ruthless billionaire, Quinten Kingsley Maximilian Marshall III.

Max has never met anyone like Leah. From their very first meeting, Leah has him off balance and running for cover. But he’s very much afraid that he can’t run fast enough or far enough to get Leah out of his heart.

Sage (Sagittarius) –

Deputy Sage Archer and her K-9, Badger. Finder of lost children, illegal drugs, bombs and heart-stopping cat burglars. When Sage entered the deserted bank building with Badger, she expected to find a bomb, not a thief who would rock her world.

Stanton Daniels, master thief, cat burglar, a man with many secrets. When Deputy Archer saves him from a building about to be blown up by a bomb, it doesn’t take long for him to figure out that she’s the one person that can dig those secrets out of him.

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